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Due to my training, experience and natural creative flair, I am able to visit your garden and advise on how best to make use of the space that you have taking into account the various environmental and soil conditions which can differ greatly from one property to another.

You can therefore be assured of correct plant positioning and grouping and ultimately a pleasing long term result.

I am able to transform your existing garden or landscape from scratch – no job is too big or too small.


I offer once or twice monthly garden maintenance visits for those who require regular lawn mowing and tidying up. You can choose ½ hour or 1 hour time slots depending on the size of your garden and your requirements. I have fixed monthly schedules so you are assured of an efficient, reliable service.

Should you like a quote for regular garden maintenance, I would need to see your garden and discuss your requirements with you. Quotes are free.



Every garden needs a spruce up once or twice a year, usually at the beginning of Spring.

Garden clean-up’s include extensive pruning, weeding, removal of dead plants and replacement with new.



Very often, a garden face lift can be achieved by incorporating a pathway of gravel or paving.

This need not be expensive and it can make a huge difference to the overall look of your garden.



Collect your rain water and use the water for watering your garden! The cost of installation will soon pay off as you will save on your water bill in the summer months.

Installations include the building of the base, supply and installation of the water tank, as well as pump and tap connections etc.


Add a touch of magic to your garden with a custom built pond and / or water feature surrounded by plants. Make it a special place to relax and unwind and enjoy the beauty and tranquility that it provides.


This is a new service that I’m offering as many people would love to have their own veggie patch, but they simply do not have the time or the know-how to get it started. In addition, the set up can be quite labour intensive especially if fencing is required to keep pets out.

I am able to undertake the complete set up from soil preparation to construction of the enclosure to planting up. Or I can simply help with the preparation and enclosure construction and leave the fun part – the planting – to you!

In addition, my veggie gardens are prepared and maintained organically so you are assured of healthy, nutritious crops. 


Rockeries serve many purposes, such as raising soil levels to increase planting depth, for retaining of slight slopes, as the base for cacti gardens, and can be useful in livening up dull areas or corners.

If you have a rocky site your raw materials are readily available making rockeries an inexpensive, yet effective and very attractive option.


Sub-soil drainage is required when you have water logged soils. Many factors contribute to this, for example, clay soil, incorrect soil gradients, shady and damp areas, high water tables etc.


Retainers are necessary when a site has steep slopes that require substantial structural re-inforcement. The advantages of this is that you can plant up the retainer, making it a beautiful, living wall. In addition, the plant roots also assist in stabilising the soil.